A little bit about us

As Director of Sole Productions, Chas Whatmore has extensive experience working as a freelance film maker and has produced all genres of film including dramas, documentaries, wedding videos, corporate films and procedural videos for the NHS. He has worked collaboratively with a range of production companies, filming documentaries which cover topics including the production and process of stop-frame animation, short dramas, nature, textile manufacturing, medical procedures, conferences and events, music videos and self-directed short films.

Why I love what I do

I am driven and motivated by visual communication in many forms. I began with a passionate interest in photography and developed this throughout my education whilst studying an undergraduate degree in Computer Arts and latterly a Masters in Filmmaking and Photography. Following this I began producing personal, independent films which enabled and developed my unique style as a filmmaker.

My passion for and knowledge of films has allowed me to document personal and client based narratives, utilising a unique and creative approach. Whether filming a newly wed couple or a group of musicians, I relish the opportunity to capture each moment with carefully considered cinematography, understanding each person to reflect their character and tell their story.

Fascinating people have always engaged and inspired me, especially when shown through the medium of film; it’s this method of visual communication that drives my work.

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